"I mailed 3800 postcards and had 58 people at my seminar. I have mailed more letter style invitations at times and gotten fewer people while paying about 50% more. Seminar crowds is the place to use."

- B.H.


"Recently I have been doing business with Seminar Crowds, and I have been very favorably impressed."

- K.J.W.


"Just wanted to drop a few lines to let you know how valuable your service is to my business. My appointment schedule has increased as has my production, all thanks to Seminar Crowds. Your customer service is second to none and my account representive, Nicole Baker, is extemely attentive to all of our needs. Thank you for providing such an excellent source of business. You are a credit to your industry."

- J.M., IL


"Dear Nicole...and Nicole's boss...and everyone on Nicole's team... and all of the rest of the people at Seminar Crowds!: "I am utterly beside myself with happiness as a result of your fantastic work! Let me explain why. My company holds dinner-seminars for financial planning for retired people. Two months ago the mailing company I had been using for over 18 months sent a 7,000 piece mailing to the wrong area about an hour away from the location of the restaurant that was booked (and paid for) for two upcoming seminars. To make matters worse, the mailing company then went out of business. I was suddenly in trouble!


"Aside from the $5,000 I had just thrown away on a useless mailing, I was about to lose my deposit at the restaurant, and worst of all, I would lose an entire month's worth of revenue by not holding my regularly scheduled seminars.


"That's when I began calling other mailing companies and was told repeatedly that there was just not enough time to get the mailing accomplished in time to save the restaurant booking that was already in place. But then I called Seminar Crowds and got to speak with Nicole Baker, who explained that it could be done easily if we got to work right away.


"The outcome was fantastic. Nicole worked with me to create (from scratch) a new mail-piece that turned out to draw in people better than the one I had been using. Then she helped me review the data for the number of prospects I could mail to within a reasonable

distance from the venue, even working with me to use selection criteria filters that are not typical but extremely effective.


"My seminars were fully booked in 5.9 days, which is a new record. And, the appointment and closed-business percentages were as good as I had ever experienced.


"The results were so good, I used Nicole's company again just to make sure the first time wasn't a fluke and once again got the same outstanding results. "I will happily recommend Seminar Crowds! Inc. to anyone that is looking for fantastic, thorough, efficient, consultative, and economic mailing services."

- G.S., CA


" I recently stopped spending thousands of dollars with another company, recieving poor results and very poor customer service and switched to Seminar Crowds. I love the service, respect and dedication that I have recieved from Dezi Siler and Suzie Zolo. If you have 'had it' with companies that treat you great until they get your money and then act as if they don't know you, call Dezi now!"

- E.S.,TX


"As I reflect back on the past three years of growing my business I would like to take a moment to let seminar crowds know what a key part they have been in taking my business to the next level. After years of struggling to get in front of qualified individuals I somehow landed to seminar crowds with the referral coming from a marketing organization. I find them to be professional and willing to work around my changing needs. The results I get from their mailers are consistently great. I credit them for a lot of the recent success i have had in taking my business to the next level. Again thank you for everything and I look forward to many more successful seminars. Thanks for keeping the room full of qualified prospects."

- C.W.


"I have used your company on a number of occasions and have found it to be the most cost effective service on the market today. "I heartly endorse it and would recommend it to anyone who is trying to 'pack the shack' in todays oversaturated market. "Looking forward to a long relationship."

- K.J.W.