"In this busy rush around world, we hardly ever take the time to slow down and compliment a good job. But I wanted to take just a moment of my day and let you know how totally impressed I was with the entire handling of my job order that you did. Every step of the way you kept me informed either via email and/or phone calls so that I knew every detail of the job in progress. And with timing being critital on this mailing, your promptness of each detail from the list count to the scrubbing to the proof copy to the billing to the mail drop...all was handled with absolute precision. So I want to say a sincere, Thank You Tanner, for a job done absolutely incredible!!!


"Thanks again and have a greeeaaattt day!!!"

- B.L., TX


"It has been a pleasure working with Seminar Crowds. I would like to provide a testimonial so that others can benefit from your service as much as I have: Seminar crowds exceeded my own expectations specifically in the number of attendees we secured at our financial workshops. We averaged a 1.93% response rate with a postcard designed by them. This kind of return is absolutely phenomenal! We had double the attendance we planned for, which is always a nice surprise."

- J.S., FL


"I was very pleased with my first mailing using Seminar Crowds. I had a nearly 2% response rate to the mailing. This is nearly twice the rate of return I have experienced with other companies, at about half the cost. The ratio of appointments set with attendees was about 60%, which is consistent with what my firm typically experiences. I recommend highly Seminar Crowds for your marketing needs."

- S.M., WV


"I'd like to thank you for the tremendous results that I have gotten with Seminar Crowds. Last year I sent 'fancy' wedding style invitations with another company. They said that the wedding style 'always' got the better results. Well, I'm thinking that the better results was for their bottom line and not the number of attendees for me - the cost was .75 per invitation.


"The basic mailing through the Seminar Crowds - the Post Card has given far superior results. I got a 1.3 response rate. I have had 143 people signed up for 2 seminar dates. The response to the mailing was so great that I had to schedule TWO EXTRA seminar dates for the same mailing!

People seem to respond to the 'No Frills' mailing much better.


"I am very please with not only the results of the invitation but also the excellent service that I have gotten from you and all of the people with whom I have worked at Seminar Crowds.


"Thank you again and I look forward to our continued relationship."

- R.L., CO


"Finally, after 22 years in the financial services business, I've found an effective, highly productive way to get in front of people. Seminar Crowds stands head and shoulders in the industry, with a dynamite reservation system, quick and efficient services, and responsive account specialists. Their simple postcard mailer has repeatedly given me 'waiting list' attendance for our seminars. Hats off to a great company and administration. For me, they have put the fun back into selling."

- L.T., CA


"I've been in the financial services business for over 15 years and have never gotten the results I am getting with my Seminar Crowds postcard mailers! My last mailing advertised 2 dates and they filled up in 2 days! We ended up adding 4 over-flow dates! We had over a 2% response rate and 60% appointment ratio! I have learned from that round of seminars that I connect better to smaller audiences. My meetings are always full. I even had to prop the meeting room doors open to make room for one couple who showed up without reservations! And I ended up with "wait listed" people for my next seminar!"

- T.W., AR


"I want to Thank You for the excellent work that you and the Seminar Crowds staff did in making my first Seminar a success. Your overall service and attention to detail was outstanding. I really learned a great deal from the Seminar you offered as well! I will be calling you soon to set-up my next seminar mailing. I have also recommended you to the other Financial Planners in my office. Keep up the great work!!!"

- K.G., MO


"I have used Seminar Crowds in now two cities. The price, service from their team and quality of the attendees has been a constant for the past year. My other colleagues in the industry now know who to turn to in this competitive era of seminar cost. You will be happy with your choice."

-R.F., TX