with $10K+. 7 of the 8 have scheduled 2nd appointments and I have 10 1st appointments next week. As you are aware, even the best financial professional cannot be successful unless he/she has prospects to see, and thanks to Seminar Crowds, we have qualified prospects to see!


"Thank you Seminar Crowds, your simple mailer produces outstanding results. We have scheduled one seminar each month through December 2005, and expect similar success due to Seminar Crowds superior mailing and reservations service. And, the Fill-the-Room website is fantastic and makes my staff's job so much easier!!! Again, thanks!"

- J.W., TX


"My first mailing has booked over 100 people, and I still have over a week to go. You have made it simple, and the customer service is fantastic!! I appreciate the input from you and the staff at seminar crowds. Also, the Craig Randall CD you sent me is great. It should help to set appointments, and close deals. I look forward to working with seminar crowds in the future, and will recommend you to others in the organization. Thanks again, and see you at the top!!!"

- J.S. NC


"Last month we sent our first seminar mailing with SEMINAR CROWDS! Inc. I was very pleased with the personal and responsive service our company received throughout the mailing process. Furthermore, we were extremely pleased with the overall quality of our attendees. This seminar resulted in a highly improved appointment ratio. I am still running meetings that have come out of this seminar and am expecting to gain a number of new high-quality clients! We are already planning our next seminar mailing with SEMINAR CROWDS! Inc."

- J.I.,NE


"I have been in the insurance business for 29 years. I had not done any seminars in the last 10 and wanted to start 2006 off back in the seminar game. I contacted your organization and scheduled a mailing. I was overwhelmed with the response I received. I just completed the second of 2 seminars scheduled and have had to arrange a 3rd because of the response. Your reservation system and web page control are outstanding and I will definitely use you again and recommend your services to anyone interested in doing seminars."

- T.C.


"I have been using your service for

approximately one year. Your company and employees (like Nicole) have consistently delivered excellent, timely professional service. Since employing your services, my monthly seminar mailings arevirtually ?turn-key?. It is a relief to be able to focus on what I do best- and that is servicing my clients. Thank you for a great product and a wonderful staff."

- R.S.


"It has been a pleasure working with Seminar Crowds. I would like to provide a testimonial so that others can benefit from your service as much as I have: Seminar crowds exceeded my own expectations specifically in the number of attendees we secured at our financial workshops. We averaged a 1.93% response rate with a postcard designed by them. This kind of return is absolutely phenomenal! We had double the attendance we planned for, which is always a nice surprise."

- R.J.S., CSA


"We were so pleased with your services and ideas. We ordered 10,000 cards and expected our response to be 2 or 3 workshops of 35-40. We try to keep our size to 35 because the very best place we have used with good food will only take about 40 at the maximum. Well, our response was 6 workshops of 45-50. Even then we turned others away. We also had quite a number of people just show up, and because of the limited space had to turn them away. This was the first time in over 4 years we have turned people away because of limited space and too many wanting to attend. Thank you for your help in developing the mailer and the great service of sending it out in a very timely fashion."

- J.C., OH


"I came to Seminar Crowds after having had a horrible first experience with seminar invitations through the mail, so needless to say, I was very skeptical. Would their approach net better results? Well, I am very happy to say that not only did Seminar Crowds net better results, they generated outstanding results! For the same price, we were able to mail to twice as many people using the postcard mailer as we had mailed to using the standard envelope mailer and, as a result, we were able to not only fill the room for the two nights we advertised, we actually had to open a third night that we filled as well! Now, I am a true believer? What is even more unbelievable to me is that we only held the seminars a little over a week ago and we?ve already closed business that fully covered the cost of the mailing as well as the cost of all of the dinners for 3 presentations. Seminar Crowds is the best!"

- T.V., CA