I waited until we had held the first two seminars to respond to your request for a testimonial because I wanted to see the qualityof the participants. Were we pleased! Your system has worked well for us and we will be doing business with you in the future. There is no reason to spend big bucks on an expensive invitation when your program is so effective! We had such a good response that we had to add a third session. That is a happy problem. Thanks again."

- M.M., GA


"My seminars are in Vero Beach, Florida which is inundated with invitations from speakers. I have had outstanding attendance with the mailing system developed by Seminar Crowds and I know that their prices are significantly lower than the competition. Their experience in the seminar business has been extremely helpful to me as I am new to the industry. I doubt that their is another mailing service in the country that can provide the invaluable advice that Seminar Crowds gives to their clients for free!"

- C.C., FL


"I had 40 attend the seminar out of 44 reservations. I could not be happier with both the results and attendance. I plan to do another in about two months-- as soon as I can work through my 10 appointments. Your service is certainly outstanding and whoever takes the reservation calls did a terrific job. Thanks so very much."

- B.M., TX


"I have saved over $15,000 so far this year on my mailing costs. This allows me to put on more seminars resulting in more appointments. This simple postcard mailer works amazingly well!"

- D.S., IN


"I didn't believe this simple postcard could be as good as the more costly workshop invitations. But it is! - I regularly get over a 1.5% response rate, at about half the cost. I know that the quality of my attendees is just as high as anyone in the business."

- W.H., IA


"I heard about Seminar Crowds but was skeptical that a simple little card could be as effective as the fancy mailers. I was shocked when I had 68 responses with 60 attendees for a two day seminar. I then made the mistake of going back to the fancy mailers and had terrible results. I don't know how this simple little yellow card works, but I am back to using Seminar Crowds and hope to do business with

Seminar Crowds for many years to come. I plan to give over 30 seminars next year. I will keep you posted on the results.”

— M.T., CA


"We have consistently been experiencing a 1.5% to 2.5% response rate on our Seminar Crowds mailers and the quality of attendees is as good or better than with our previous mailing companies. We have already referred several agents to Seminar Crowds and will continue to do so. We are extremely happy with all aspects of their operation and I personally am available for further reference."

- A.H., CA


"I was very happy with the turn-out and results and appreciate your attention and concern with everything going as planned. I would definitely do it again."

- P.S., TN


"Each of the six seminars I have conducted using your mailer has produced capacity, or nearcapacity crowds. Because of your service, I have gained many new clients and will attain a new level of production this year. I could not be more pleased with the quality of service I receive from Seminar Crowds. I plan to continue using your service as it has proven very beneficial to my business."

- D. C., East Texas


"I tried another vendor I had used in the past and found my results to be terrible. I greatly appreciate you doing a rush mailing to get my attendance where it needs to be. We will never stray again. We will stick with what works."

- H. H., Fl


"We have just ordered our 3rd mailing from Seminar Crowds and must say we are very pleased with the results to date. We have tried 2 seminar mailing organizations previously and have had dismal results. Our results on the 2 seminars where we used Seminar Crowds have been exponentially better than the results we have previously received.


"We mail 7500 pieces consistently with Seminar Crowds and for our January seminar we had 84 new prospects that represented 50 buying units. Of the 50 buying units, we set 20 appointments at the seminar and 6 have requested appointments later due to scheduling conflicts. To say the least, we are very pleased.


"We had 8 first appointments right after the seminar. Of these appointments, 2 had investment assets of $900K plus, 1 with $400K+, 2 with $150k+, 2 with $75K+, and 1