"I wanted to know, once and for all, if a simple mailer like the one used by Seminar Crowds would work better than the 'tried and true' mailer I had been using. Even though my old mailer was expensive, it was effective, and I did not want to take a chance on a poor turn out, so I decided to do a test. I mailed 10,000 with Seminar Crowds and 10,000 with the wedding style invitation I had been using for the same series of seminars. I was very surprised at the results. I had basically the same responses with the Seminar Crowds mailer as with my old mailer.


"Now here is the amazing news - the Seminar Crowds mailing cost me less than half! But that isn't all; the Seminar Crowds invitation only brings in the people who directly respond to the mailer, my other company brings in guests with coupons as well, so the actual number of direct respondents was higher with Seminar Crowds at half the cost! After this test I am now sold on the effectiveness of the simple post card mailer that Seminar Crowds provides to my business."

- J.V., NJ


"Thanks to Seminar Crowds and the postcards we have sent, we have had people on a waiting list . . . . waiting for cancellations for our upcoming workshops. We've never experienced such a response and I've been doing workshops for over 8 years!! Thanks again to Seminar Crowds and the time they've spent in counseling us on better use of our dollars."

- B.D.S., WA


"Just a quick note to send all of you a GIGANTIC THANK YOU and big pat on the back for ALL of your work in correcting our last mailing...I smile at how you guys turned lemons into lemonade... without missing a beat....you were just quite simply amazing...you guys are all the definition and example of extraordinary customer service! You saved the day...and you saved the seminar! "Clyde...you've got a top notch team at Seminar Crowds.... and we appreciate ALL of you and ALL of your efforts!"

- D.S..


"Clyde, just a note to say thank you for all of your help. I used your mailer in the past and had great success with it. I then moved to a different FMO and they wanted me to use their mailer. I used their mailer and did not get anymore people than I did with yours, but I spent a lot more money. Well, needless to say, I am back using your mailer again and I will

continue using yours every month now as I want to write $10 million in production fromhere on out. Your mailer does work at a fraction of the cost !!!!!!!!!!!"

- T.H., MO


"Like most Reps., I've tried several different providers of seminar invitations and I must say that Seminar Crowds provides the most 'bang for our buck.' Not only is their product competitively priced (about 1/2 the cost of one mailing company we first used), but their individual touch (responsiveness to our calls, their suggestions as to what's working best in today's seminar world, etc.) is outstanding! They are great to work with!"

- D.K., IL


"I mailed fifty-five hundred pieces and my response rate was 2.27%. I had to have a second seminar the following night of the date I set to catch the over-flow. I couldn't be more pleased with the total experience I have had in working with your company. I must say that working with your account manager was a real pleasure. At every point of the process, he was super efficient. It was as if he took ownership of the seminar and he had a personal interest in making sure your part of the process was successful."

- R.H., NC, VA, AL, FL


Updated testimonial March 24th, 2005


"Because I have a big investment in equipment for my seminars, I try to drive to regional locations when my schedule permits. I continuously listened to Craig's CD on these trips and the first time I used his methods, we made appointments with 100% of the buying units at our seminar. "After implementing his methods, we consistently average a 70% appointment ratio. We felt that the difference in what we were doing (about 50%) will increase our income by $100,000 this year. The Randall Boot Camp was the best program I have attended that actually eliminated the mystery on seminar giving. His breakdown and explanation of seminar mechanics was the best I have seen in the last two years and I have tried to see them all. Actually, it is the best I have seen in 26 years in the financial services business."

- R.H.


"I recently attended the Seminar Crowds/Craig Randall boot camp and I don't know how I am going to see all my appointments; I have over 40 appointments and achieved a 73% appointment ratio at my last seminar!"

- AV.N., MO