"I want to take this opportunity to thank Seminar Crowds for their professional assistance in sending out my first mailers last January. I had a 2% return on a 5500 mailing. That filled up three workshops with an overflow for a fourth. Several years ago my partner and I used another major mailing company, paid almost twice as much, and received very similar results. In a time when competition is fierce it is essential to keep expenses in check as long as it doesn't affect your business' professionalism. In addition to receiving great prices the people are very friendly and make you feel like family. Thanks again for every thing."

- R.M., Florida


"All I did was follow to the letter Craig's system and I now have more appointments than I ever dreamed possible. "I started by mailing 15,000 mailers with Seminar Crowds and received over 200 reservations! "I had to expand from 2 to 5 seminars of about 40 each. I started out with a 66% appointment ratio at the very first seminar, I then got 70%, 75%, 80%, and 80% respectively at the next four!"

- J.D., MO


"To say I am pleasantly surprised would be an understatement! I have tried just about every method of seminar lead generation out there: Newspaper ads (pathetic response), Telemarketing company invites (Outrageously expensive and won't reach the do not call list people), Wedding Style Invitation (Expensive and underperforming and over used), and other postcards (The Glossy ones), and no one has come close to achieving the results that your cards have given me. "The ability to at any time get a real-time listing of attendees is invaluable. I was most pleased also with the fact that you mailed the cards out when you said you would and the people received the cards in a timely fashion. If I had a nickel for all the promises other companies have given me only for me to find out the hard way that invitations didn't get out when they should, I would not have to work anymore. "Well, I just did 6 seminars last week (3 lunch and 3 dinner) and even did a series on Friday and each one had attendance of over 40 people. That is at least 40 people who actually showed up and most said they came because the card mentioned topics they were interested in. There were a few plate lickers in each one (cost of doing business) but overall, the attendance and the overall attitude of the people was one that I haven't seen from

some of the other mailing companies' invitees. So, to summarize, I did 3 mailings of 5,500 cards and with each batch of cards I got over 100 responses. "One final aspect that has me a believer in your company, Clyde, is my ability to actually get in touch with you. It is refreshing to have a person actually pick their phone up and handle my questions real-time instead of having to play chase, telephone tag, or the hide and seek I played with the former mailing company that I USED to use. Guess who was always 'it' in that game? "Keep up the great work!"

- P.D., NC


"Having just used Seminar Crowds for the first time, I was extremely pleased with the results. You mailed the cards from Iowa on a Friday, and by the following Wednesday both sessions were full and there was even a waiting list!! Prior to Seminar Crowds, I used the fancy but costly wedding style mailers and never received anywhere near a similar response rate. With your service, I was able to mail 50% more invitations and still manage to save hundreds of dollars. In my opinion, the key is that you can spend the same as the expensive invitations, yet send out twice as many! It doesn't seem wise to cut the mailing cost to save several hundred dollars, when the increased mailing size can bring in dozens of additional prospects.


"I have not yet completed the second of my seminar sessions, yet I am confident enough in the process that I have already committed to a second series using Seminar Crowds. Interestingly enough, in talking to the attendees about various types of invitations, the vast majority seemed to like the cards better because they could read them immediately, and they were easy to retain. Many attendees said that they o ften just throw out the sealed letters as 'junk mail' without even reading them.


"Finally, one of the determinative reasons I used Seminar Crowds is the support you've provided outside your scope of mailing invitations. Both you and your staff have provided me invaluable information about the seminar process itself, including an informative audio CD by Craig Randall . Unlike virtually all other such CDs I've received, Craig's gives detailed instructions on how to increase your appointment ratio and close more sales, and is not simply a "teaser" designed to induce you to purchase an expensive seminar system. Thanks again."

- S.K. , PA