"I have used other mail houses and their mailer and haven't gotten the response that Seminar Crowds has gotten me. The price, service, and quality of attendees is what keeps me coming back for the past year and a half. It is truly a turnkey operation. Thanks."

- C.H., CA


"I just wanted to let you know what a great job you and Seminar Crowds are doing. Our first reservation call was last Friday and we only have 1 seat left today. We are actually working on our overfill date. We are so happy about our responses. When you mailed these invitations last Tuesday, the first invitation was received by Friday. That is an awesome mailing time. Do you send our invitations first class? We have never had such quick responses. Many thanks for a job well done."

- D.O., VA


"I have used two other well known direct mail companies in the past. The difference between those companies and Seminar Crowds is that Seminar Crowds costs half as much and has provided me with twice the results. I have less less follow up with Seminar Crowds and less concerns about my mailings being handled properly.


Seminar Crowds has always responded quickly and has also exhibited a high degree of professionalism. No other company has ever brought me such great ideas and helpful knowledge. Recently the company sent me a 60 minute CD by Craig Randall which has helped me increase my appointment ratio from 35% to 78%. The interesting thing is that I was happy with 35% since most advisors do not even set appointments at their seminar and wait to make appointments the next day. You can imagine how I felt when Seminar Crowds sent me the information on this CD which I immediately implemented with such astounding results."

- R.T., OR


"I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the results of my last mailing. We had 124 attendees out of 7000 cards or 1.77%. This does not include 3 others who mysteriously disappeared during the presentation and two more who never entered the dining room when they learned the evening would last 1-2 hours. Post cards continue to be the most effective way to market a seminar program and Seminar Crowds! Inc. has the execution system to get it done right!"

- M.G., PA

"This mailer is great! I have never had such a wonderful response. I have used every mail shop out there. You beat them all and the price is great as well. I will use you every time!"

- C.F., WV


"I do not know what makes Seminar Crowds work so well. I only know that last year I spent twice the amount with other companies and received half the results. "Seminar Crowds is everything they said they would be and more. I really did not expect to fill the room on the first day the cards hit peoples homes. That is unbelievable. When I called people to tell them how successful your program is they would not believe me! I was not surprised as I didn't believe it myself. Seminar Crowds is the best and we will be doing a lot of mailings in the future. Thank You for being a resource we can count on."

- T.S., NV


"Thanks to you and all of your colleagues at Seminar Crowds for my successful seminar. I had over a 2% response to my mail out. That's right, Seminar Crowds mailed 3,000 invitations and I had 62 people to attend my dinner. I especially liked the way "fill the room" handled all calls and the follow up emails to me. Thanks again."

- J.J., MS


"I've been advertising for seminars in everyway over the last four years. Having tried every variation with reasonable success but great expense. Then I heard about Seminar Crowds postcards. The first time I tried it I doubled attendance over all of my previous seminars at much less cost. Thanks for a great program."

- B.C., OK


"Our company just got into the seminar business and things are going extremely well, thanks in part to Seminar Crowds. They have guided us through some very unfamiliar territory and we got the end results we were looking for: a great mail-piece, friendly and helpful support, and rooms full of people! We are genuinely grateful for the proficient and knowledgeable service the people at Seminar Crowds has given us."

- G.S., CA

"My first seminar mailing with Seminar Crowds had fantastic results, over 100 attendees and counting. The staff at Seminar Crowds has been courteous and professional. I recommend Seminar Crowds to any agent considering doing seminars."

- J.B., PA