"In the fours years that I have mailed with Seminar Crowds, mailing over 30 times per year, I have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to what other mailhouses would have charged."

- Steven H. Delott, CLU, ChFC,
Multi Million Dollar Annuity Producer


"I have used other direct mail companies over the years and have found Seminar Crowds to not only be the most cost efficient but the most effective. We always have a room full of people at every seminar. I can't tell you how much that helps our business. We have never had any problems with the cards getting to our demographic target on a timely basis. I feel that anyone using direct mail to fill there seminars should be using seminar crowds. My account representative is so helpful in every aspect of the process. I find that her follow-up and attention to detail is excellent."

- Craig Randall, Senior
Market Advisor Magazine
2007 Advisor of the Year


How High Gas
Prices Can Help
You Increase

"I wanted to let you know the 'Free Gas Card' logo on our invitations has definitely increased attendance in our seminars. When using the Gas Cards, we had to stop taking reservations due to our seminars filling to capacity!"

- F.T., Arizona

"I like that they do what they say and always help us do a better job. Seminar Crowds works hard to fill our seminars with qualified prospects that fit the guidelines we ask for. I could not be happier with their service or their help. I recommend all agents use them to fill their seminars. Because of Seminar Crowds I have been able to grow my business year after year. Thank you!

- Mark Lindsey, #1 Allianz p roducer in 2005 and 2007

"After having invested over $25,000 in various seminar related systems and marketing strategies, I found that most were relying on outdated methods that no longer worked in the highly competitive areas where I do business. After struggling through a number of high cost seminars with only 12-18 people in attendance, I was ready to give up on seminars completely. "Before throwing in the towel, I decided to try a postcard mailing using the simple logic provided by the seminarcrowds team. The results were immediate, phenomenal and I was able to consistently reproduce the results anytime with two phone calls, one to the restaurant and one to seminar crowds. Our attendance in 2005 has not fallen below 100 attendees per seminar and my firm has went from generating $250,000 per year to $250,000 per quarter, primarily due to getting our numbers up ? thanks seminarcrowds for your help."

- S. H., AZ


"This mailer produces such tremendous crowds that I cannot begin to tell you how valuable it is in achieving the results I am getting right now. You will save $5,000 in just 2 to 3 mailings. Is this a no brainer or what?"

- Phil Wasserman, #1 Annuity Producer in the U.S. 5 Years Running


"Please accept this letter of recommendation on behalf of our company. Our entire staff is very pleased with the range of services you provide. We are also impressed with your company's willingness to accommodate our rapidly changing needs on a prompt and accurate basis. Especially surprising and satisfying, though, is your dedication to excellence in customer service. From the first contact through to project completion, your organization is consistently friendly, patient, and thorough. We cannot overemphasize the value and quality your assistance brings to our business, and we cannot overstate the appreciation we feel for such a job well done every time!"

- T.G., IN


"Seminar Crowds has now mailed for six of my seminars. Everything has been completely smooth and I have gotten between a 1.2 and 3.0% response. My income from new business has been higher this year than in any other year. I attribute that to the professionals at Seminar Crowds. Thank you all."

- P. O., WA